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How to retire at 45???

12 Aug

My plan and vision is that I want to stop doing a job or anything to earn money at the age of 45 and that’s precisely 14 years from now. What do I need to do to achieve that depends on what am I doing now and how far can I go with this. Ok, let me some things to do which will help me achieve my goal. 
I need to build assets which will yield considerable returns and help me facilitate me and my family without thinking much financially. I want to travel a lot and it means a lot of money so how much would be good, I need to look at the logistics of financials and plan accordingly.
A simpler solution is that start saving and investing early and that is beginning of employment. Though, it looks simple, my experience says thats the toughest thing to do. New job, new responsibilities, new power to spend and much more. To hold on and focus on the retirement at early stage of employment is really hard. 
So, then lets spend but spend purposefully. Buy things that help you either professionally to grow and yield finances quicker. Say, you invest in management studies that will help you grow quickly. Else, spend in things that are having huge probability of turning into assests many years later. Land, stocks, gold, a flat etc. can be termed as a few. 
So better buy a flat, clear of the loan quickly say by 35 (assuming you start your career at 24) and for next years upto 45 buy another flat and clear off the new emi by 45. So by 45 you will have 2 flats, loan free and from one flt, you can earn a rent that may help you as pension and also you have your own flat to stay. You can trade the old flat for an appreciation and convert that into fixed deposit too on which you may seek a monthly interest. Logically, which ever option yields higher, one would opt that. 
So, to reach the goal there are many paths, but there are hardships in each and be ready to face for a greater peace then. Do not forget to have a health insurance and life insurance policies for you and family as they help you deal with adversities if any.

Nothing that is said above is unknown. Everybody says that and many follow too. But I just wanted to put my views across. Thanks for reading.