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26 Mar

So many new years I have been part of but none made me happier than this moment. The rendezvous on 1st made me so very happy on 2nd of January this very year.


I was returning home on my bike and I found a guy, barely 20 years of age asking for lift. My other lift encounters made me weep very much, if one was running around for blood at midnight then other was to save a man from accident. This was different completely and yet it made me weep but in a good way. So receding into past, I was very wary but still halted to take him along. And I never thought that this brief advent would make me so very happy.

I asked him his story, who he was and where was he going to. And he, without telling his name told that he had to go to nearly 50 kms away from where we were. It was a regular travel for him to such distance and he would manage. He said, he was an orphan his parents have left him and he was brought up in Street Children’s orphanage run by Government and studied till 10th in Government Boys High school and had to quit studies due to lack of funds. Even after that, he pursued reading English as he was very much interested in that language. Ok, till this it was fine, and then he revealed that his interest is poetry, I was astonished as I do write poems. When I asked him to recite one, he told the below lines.

“If god were man, I’d ask him to be my father
If a woman, then request him to be my mother
Alas, God is above all these
I ask him again, who would make my heart please”

I had to stop coz there were lumps in my throat. We had tea together; I asked him if he searched for his parents, he said he is still doing that and is in hope of finding them one day. Also, as of now he was going so far so as to attend a job interview tomorrow. He held my hand and asked me to wish him luck. I said I am proud and he would sure get a job. We exchanged our contact numbers and I offered him 100 rupees “keep them for your expenses”, he politely denied saying “every penny in my life shall be earned and not be taken from others, you have given me this lift and I am very grateful” Saying this, he said his name is SULTAN. He left, I said bye, my eyes were still moist but happy. I met a brave young boy in this world and I hope he succeeds.

That night I prayed hard, and wished that he gets the job and hopefully his parents.

Next morning, rather afternoon around 1 PM I got a call from SULTAN. He was ecstatic and thanked me a lot. I asked him the reason, he said, “I got a job and I can now earn 5000 per month”. I was super happy, “we must again meet” he responded “yes sure will give you sweets, HAPPIEST NEW YEAR OF MY LIFE”. I said “Not just yours buddy, even mine and this is for better things to come. Cheers” We hung up then and I am waiting to hear from him again.



15 Aug
Martin has always been a hard worker, an honest man who never lies nor cheats.

He has been an epitome of many good things right from punctuality to honesty and trust in an office that has been occupied by many corrupt beings.
It was a Corporate Bank Office; he used to be nearly the first who used to reach the office on or before 9 AM.

On his desk there was a computer and nothing but a piggy bank box in which he used to drop whatever he had saved the previous day and a calendar kept on his desk for which he promptly changed the date as and when he came in. These were his mot primary duties before even switching on to his computer
Christmas was nearing, he decided to make celebrations at his home which was filled by none other than his wife who was as normal as any other house wife except that she was very calm and always had a peaceful look on her face that exuberated endurance.
A week before the Christmas, on 18th December, he broke his piggy bank, counted how much he had. And it came to be 902 dollars. He saw the price of washing machine he thought of buying it was 1400 dollars.  He shut down the system and went home disappointed, the fall was over, there were leaves all around, and the slight snow fall began to cover the leaves. This time it was long autumn that stretched till the mid of December.

“Sorry Darling, I did not get it” he told his wife Rosy while lying disgustedly on the sofa.
“I knew you would not make it, how can you even think with your salary” his wife said angrily as if she was expecting that this would happen
“How can you even have a faint dream, with mortgage, credit card bills, and yet my desire to have a beautiful home that is full of everything, we have a washing machine but it’s screwed up and I demanded a new one, now sit and enjoy while I throw clothes in the common cleaning room for our colony It’s an additional 25$ per month so darling sit and relax, bye”
“There are better ones I saw Rosy for a lesser price”
“Low in cost is low in quality. Get me the one I asked or get me  nothing, I am happy yet” she yelled at him and left the home with bunch of clothes in her arms.
“Yeah, I got it now, I gave 1000 $ to my credit card bill which I paid for to get her a diamond ring for her anniversary which she lost” Anyways, there is Christmas next year too. Let’s see and this time for sure I must get an LCD, a washing machine all for 3000$. Lord, help me get this”

It’s the fall again, he is waiting for the Thanks Giving this time and not the Christmas week, the sales are big, he got to store precisely at 7 AM and by that time, there was a huge queue which was very surprising and it was mostly of Indians and Chinese, he stood there with 2000$ cash in his pocket and 500$ in his shirt pocket and at 9 sharp, the store opened, everybody rushed in hurry, but it was nearly 10 before he could lay his hands on anything, he took all he needed, a LCD, a washing machine and at the counter he found the cash missing, all were given for 1500$ only, he did not bother, he went back to office, broke his piggy bank, that had nearly 800$, and got 500$ cash so he thought that would be good, he came back hurriedly and STOCKS ARE OVER was put on the store, he rushed to another and then another, if in one store, the stocks were over, in the other, he said, all combined will be 2500$. Disappointed, he came home empty handed, after a tiny confrontation with his wife ROSY, he reached to office as normal as ever. But there was evident dullness in his face, his posture, his gait, after a year’s wait, this was to be his fate. Days passed, Christmas came and went too, it was the same Christmas devoid of any new joys but just dragging the old ones.

One day, his friend came up to him and said, HAPPY NEW YEAR MARTIN, here is what I got, saying this he gave a new PIGGY bank. Martin kept it on table, but looked at it for few moments furiously and then dropped a quarter cent coin in that and was again back to his normal self with the same amount of energy he had previously and said yet again, NEXT CHRISTMAS I WILL BE HAPPY.


14 Aug
First day of office, KASI got ready quickly, he was very very tidy as if he was a professional in getting ready though it was his first job. He got into the office bus as everybody did. While getting down he saw a girl standing alone on the footpath. Sharp nose, tender and thin lips, broad forehead, big and dark eyes as those of a fish, silky hair, it was a bit brownish; the cheeks were very much dimpled. She was having a fair complexion and she had the right composure and was such great looking that never would there be anyone who can miss admiring her wherever she is. “She is awesome”, KASI told his friend BHARAT. He used to see her almost every day and every time he saw her, his impression grew on her. He termed her as the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

One day he got to sit beside her in the bus while coming back from office. “MAHESWARI“, one of her friends called. KASI who was sitting beside was excited in knowing her name; it seemed to be his happiest moment ever. He saw her days passed in fact weeks and months; KASI never spoke to her but admired her beauty all the time.

One day while in office KASI decided to speak to her and reveal his admiration towards her. He took BHARAT along with him to meet her. She was having lunch with some of her friends. He admired her like the beauty in the world and moved towards her. She laughed at her friends joke, KASI stood still he did not make a move “How can this happen? A girl who is so beautiful cannot become ugly when she opens her mouth. Look at the teeth they are the ugliest and she looks so ugly. This is the most drastic change I have ever seen” KASI told BHARAT. He walked back disappointed.

The next day KASI observed the notice as he did every day, it was written “Condolences to MAHESWARI” below her photo. When inquired, KASI came to know that she died in a road accident the previous day.


8 Aug
There have been many rains but none like this one it was special in many ways…for there was a rainbow after many years, there were many birds sitting on the trees and many chirping, all the waves in riverside were enjoying it. I felt extremely happy ….it was a feeling, a feeling which was not conscious driven. Though it had happened some times before like this I do not know nor can express why it was different but yes it was REFRESHING. This is all I can say, the day before this rain…my mother told I am a good son, my friends said that I play well and my father appreciated me for the honesty I showed in doing his work. This was what it made the rain different. I was holding a black umbrella and sitting on the river bank enjoying the rain and feeling happy about yesterday. It was morning 7 AM, time to go school and yet I was unwilling to because I need to face My Math teacher who always scolds me for not doing math well…but unwillingly I got up and started walking back home.

I saw a girl playing with paper boats and leaving them in the water that was flowing from their house. She was just 3 years old, I was happy at that sight and wished to be in her place but well I am 14 now and I need to study well and get a good name to my parents, these were the thoughts that I have been instilled in me, by all whom I met. I wished that they would change some day and I would be set free from all the responsibilities and thoughts.
I then knew that being nothing is more merrier than becoming big and being held responsible for what u have done and what u have not. I went home running as it was getting late and I got drenched as I closed the umbrella on the run. Mom scolded me for getting wet dad told me that my studies would be disturbed if I get sick and even my grandma who was at home started worrying about my health but the fact that I enjoyed the rain, no one recognized. I got disappointed by these words earlier but not any more, I must say I got used to them.
I was appreciated if I do ten things which my parents liked and was warned or scolded if I did one mischief, this was what was life for me so I remembered only the praise which I got and forgot all the other things.
I went to school in the auto rickshaw watching the rain fall all through and wished I was part of the beautiful nature and reached school to face my Math teacher and there he entered. I was shivering with fear and then looked at the rain I was happy again I got the courage to answer his mathematical question let them be wrong but come what may I am not going to fear any more. He took my book just to examine the way I was approaching the problem, he said that I was ridiculous at Math and I am not worth learning it.
“Well It is force that destroys mankind and when you force someone to do what he is not interested in, the results would be futile and not fruitful and I must admit that Math is not of my interest I hope that you never question me again though I get less marks let me fail and so be it. I am not afraid of failure as much as I hate the force that is being put on me. I just wish that no one is forced against their interest cause his choice of doing things makes him what he wants to be and by forcing someone, you are curbing many other abilities, whose efforts are being put in avoiding what he does not like to do to avoid do what he does not like rather than doing what he likes let him grow by his choice let me build his own values and interests which will make him the human being of tomorrow good or bad let him face it let him realize the good and bad do not instill prejudiced notion to anyone about what is good and bad and let them realize with their experiences” I said in anguish and anger.
My words made the teacher dumbstruck he seemed very eager in listening to what I spoke. He asked “What do you want to do, what is your interest?” “I want to play in the rain” I replied. Unable to speak he said “Go and Enjoy” with a lot of surprise and I ran into the rain with no further hesitation and felt this was the best moment of my life. I played till it got over by noon. I got back to class did my work and went home after school everything seemed so refreshing and new for me. My math teacher came home in the evening and he had a talk with my parents. I did not know from where I got the courage to say what I spoke to my teacher I would have never spoke to him like that if it was not for the rain that day. I felt as I have achieved everything and now I sleep with the happiness of achievement and dream about a new dawn that would surely be different and the best one.
That was a page of my diary in fact the best one and the day is still so refreshing in my memory. From that day I was never forced and was let to do things of my interest. That happened 15 years earlier and now I am a Math Professor I am very much happy and proud of what I have done.