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24 Nov
Give up, give in, give a way
Come in, come on, go away
Sleep, creep, weep, but just say
That, I am for you and you are for me
So let’s go out and play


7 Sep
Your looks kill me

I am ready to die for you
Your lips seduce me
All the above said are true


3 May
All my friends, have a girlfriend

How does it feel to me?
Does it seem good, or is it just the end?
If you ask me this
I feel like a God who has his end
As life is just a game and play the way you want
Come on baby, just say along
That today this is my song
Of life with love, but without a girlfriend
I know that for many, I am just human
But for the unknown yet, perhaps I am super human


3 May
Hold a pack of cards and look at the jack
He is alright, but the might king
Oh, he is so bright
He, who has no moustache is the king of hearts
While other kings are fine but he is a bit smart
The queen’s beauty entices me into romance
Perchance she comes and perhaps, we dance
The numbers do no mean much
But to fill the pack they are a must
While the ace tops them all 
And with his trump he stops them all.


3 May
When on run, to catch a train
It doesn’t matter, if it’s sun, cold or rain
Head down and with swift feet, I just run
For, I may miss a day or a lifetime fun
All our life we sweat and save
And end up in a shallow grave
Throwing all we got and what others gave
So, meanwhile why to miss the fun?
Thinking this, I am on the run towards the train
Though in hurry and pain
I finally caught it and that was my biggest gain
Thus, ended the feat when I found my seat
And away went all the pain
Yet, there was fun in running for the train.


3 May
Call me when sweetness has dried
From the lips that have lost word
And from the taste buds where taste has died
While mind has lost it’s world
As it could not squeeze love from it’s loved one
And cannot get to me, leaving those whom you loved too
In such a fix, a God comes and weaves his magic trick
Asks to lose the mind and live with heart
So be it, if others have to part
But get the love, that would make life a tale
That ends with the line “Happily Ever After” 


2 May
The dog outside my home barks
The lizard crawls swiftly on walls
There is heat in the air and no sign of rain
The clouds vanish and sky becomes blue
When, I write a song of pain

But, when I write a poem of love
The crows fly to give way to doves
The dog is merry and the lizard doesn’t move
The breeze becomes cold and clouds bring rain
Oh, what a nature I see, that needs just some love
So, I wrote on love to be happy
Coz, I’d be happy when others are happy