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16 Jan

It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue.
Date – 29th (Friday) & 30th (Saturday) November 2013
Time  – 07:30pm
Venue –  Lamakaan
It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue. Before, I review each play, I would just give a briefing, which I received in my mail. 
About The Play – This play captures the unique trip of Yamraj (The lord of death) to earth in order to collect the soul of his next candidate on the list, which leads to a `Hell` lot of confusion, miscommunication and global entertainment

Review : 
This was an interesting play, but I might have missed the interesting part, I got to know this, after a briefing with my actor-friend Rutwik. (Rutwik, played the role of Yamraaj in this play). The interesting part is that at one point Yam asks the guy who is considered as thief “Telangana Aayega Kya” and the guy responds “Baigan, mere ko kya pata”. Now, this guys in English and is African, but only this line he utters in Hindi. So I wanted to know if it was impromptu or deliberate and got to know it was a deliberation. The timing of this was just immaculate. Overall, I liked a few parts of the play, and while others were there as if to fill time. I liked it, but cannot say I loved it. 

Tamilian mismatch and marital twist
About The Play – Tamilian Mismatch and the Marital Twist, takes you along a story, which will show you the stark realities of female foeticide in our country and the after-effects. A Tamilian family where Maniyachi and his parents are worried about their Romba son`s marriage, while girl`s family has privilege to demand orthodoxically, as per their whims and fancies.

Review : 
A short play that had message. It’s about getting a guy engaged to a girl. But here, the guy must listen to all the girl’s parents and girl specifically say. Coz, it’s a girls ruled land now. Acted well, specifically by the guy who played the groom, this play is good till the last minute. Only at the end, guy’s father comes up with a speech to preach to audience about the hazards of female foeticide. Except for that speech, which has already been said so many times in various forms, all the rest was good. Yet, I liked this one too just could not love it. 

Ammi Bane Mother-in-law

About The Play – Ammi Bane Mother-in-Law is a fast-paced comedy about a young man and his extremely loud-mouthed, Hyderabadi mother. She gives him a surprise visit as he tries hard to keep a dirty secret under wraps.

Review : 
This was the best play among the three and it was superbly written and acted. Naren Yadav stole the show in his role, as the son. And the actor who played Ammi is superb. Written by Naren himself, this play had some great lines. The setup was fun, the dialogues were funnier. To top that, the comic timing was perfect. It seemed, everything fell in place for this play. It went well. Yes, I loved this one. Also, credit to the girl who plays Naren’s wife. She did her part well too. 
I apologize as I do not remember the character names. I can say this, it was enjoyable night for me. Love being part of such plays. Wish to attend more interesting plays.


9 Sep
Ballantine’s in association withDramanon presents Rage Production’s “Love Letters  Starring Rajit Kapur & Shernaz Patel

DATE : SEPT 8th 2013

An engaging and enthralling play and I was very happy to have watched this.

It was like I witnessed lives of two people and indeed interesting journey. Love Letters written by A.R. Gurney is a play about the letters exchanged between Andy Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, over 50 years., The content of letters comprises of communication about their school, their relationships, marriage, children, divorce, art, politics and some of their missed opportunities and more importantly how they miss each other.

Directed by Rahul Da Cunha, the play uses music lighting and the setup intelligently and its a sight to watch. One can’t put in words how intelligently they have used the boxes, that have become benched, beds, and even a cross. About the use of music, each song marked a decade from ues of 1940s to pop of 1990s it was wonderfully blended with the emotions of the characters.

Shernaz Patel plays Melissa Gardener who seems to be an artist on the losing side. The conviction she has brought to the role. It was just stupendous and deserved more than a special standing ovation.
Rajit Kapur play Andrew Ladd III and the way he got into the role like a chameleon changing hairstyles, makeup and becoming a kid, a sailor and an old senator in a performance that it’s tough to be put in mere words. The play got a standing ovation and it deserved it. Now, I know got a reason why this play is successful and is being played for over 21 years and its a flagship play for RAGE productions. I hope many more performances by these two shall be done for this play. 

Coming to the writing of the play, this is a play in two acts and while I felt the first act was boring as it had too much information and less emotion, the second act was something that covered up the whole play and lead to an emotional climax. Now every life has to end with death, and as I always keep myself saying it’s how you end up makes all the difference. I want to end up living a life, where I have enjoyed all I wanted, from food to home to car to relationships and same shall be the case with most. Melissa, due to her own choices ends up in a way we do not want anyone to and Andrew in a way which most of us aspire to. This contrast is what makes this an outstanding one. 

Also. I was very happy to see a nearly house-full crowd for this. Way to go Hyderabad and I wish there shall be more crowd pulling plays like these. A 4/5 for this. Liked it. 


29 Apr

VENUE : NIFT Auditorium
Date : 10th March 2013

An extract from the brochure provided with the ticket

About the Play : 

Two best friends talk about seeing the thing while two strangers want to end their lives on a ledge. He and She talk about it while a boss discusses outsourcing “it” altogether A businessman finds out what lemonade is worth, another man makes business out of death while a teenager wants to absolved.


In brief, UNCOMMON DIALOGUES is a collection of 6 short plays which have nothing in common and yet there is one thing that is similar in each, each one is witty in its own way. You can’t say that they are comical or ironical but while a few of the 6 plays are, a few are not now let me detail each play and review it as I understood them.


Written by William Reynolds and performed by Saurabh Sensharma as “The Father” and Abhishek Krishnan as “Robert D’souza”, this play brings about a question as to what is a sin, what does absolution in true sense means. Can one be absolved of a crime by confessing in front a priest. Is murder a sin, or lying to priest for the fun is a sin. Now, Robert comes to Father and confesses he has killed someone. The Father who has not got any interesting confession in the recent past gets involved in the details of the murder so much that he confesses, his life is a big bore and there is nothing much to do. And then he learns that the kid Robert was just making it up and it was a lie, infuriated by this, he says lying to him is like lying to god and thus it goes forward.

Performed superbly by both the actors, this is one interesting play, that takes its time to get us engaged and then is resolved by the absolution. I loved it and it was a wonderful way to begin the evening


Written by Gary Stowe and performed by Harika Vedula Stephen as “Katherine Landy” and Priyanka Dasgupta as “Paula”, this is one of the most funniest plays of the evening I must say, as it made me laugh more than the above play did and never did I laugh so much in later plays. Now this play is about outsourcing rather, arranging someone to go for the 10th Anniversary date with Katherine’s husband. Paula takes care of all the details in a typical corporate manner, right from what kind of lady she wants to what to do about the “night” after the dinner. So arranging an escort for a dinner is fine but to give room for someone else to even sleep, hmm, something to think about. I can divulge more details of this, but keeping it as a surprise, coz I wat to see it again and make others see this too.

It was detailed and intense, from the pen sound that is made when Katherine says “After foreplay, it’s all”: and the pen sound starts to symbolize what it is all about. So without speaking much, so much was conveyed and just to end by making us know that the husband had also arranged someone for our “Katherine”

The diction and the expressions of Harika were top notch and was superbly supported by Priyanka.


Here we have a kid persuaded by Father into an Arrangement of becoming a man and again a afunny piece of writing this. I am so absorbed to divulge the details but I am restraining myself from doing that.

Wonderfully performed by R.K.Shenoy as Father and Saurabh Sensharma as son and Harika, this one by Neil Simon has an irony of sorts, where the Father too is wooed in doing something he would have done when young and yet holds back. Now, before I say too much. I am shutting myself up and leaving the readers to please see it.


This was a less interesting act, compared to all the above acts. This one written by Neil Simon again, who indeed is a master in writing irony superbly. Here too, the irony is revealed, or the double mindedness which leads to something uncalled for is known only after the final act of each play. Though it generally takes by surprise at the end, I was predicting the end as it seemed to be a school time parable stuff than a witty act of play. 
Saurabh Sensharma and Rohit Kumar came to the party and RK Shenoys brief appearance took audience into splits. It’s tough to resist laughs when such humour is sprawled by such a fine actor in Shenoy. It was indeed good, but a tad below other acts.

A marriage is falling apart between He and She. The reason is simple difference of opinion. Two people talk and again as audience we are compelled to hear and indeed indulge and here have an opinion too. Such is the power of writing combined with compelling performances. This one by Jan Baross is one well written act. It’s an issue that most of us can relate to, though many would not seek to do, what the couple here sought. Yet, it looks interesting to be trying to do something like this. Now what is interesting and what was done, go find it.
Thanks to Harika yet again for doing a wonderful job as She and she was complemented well by Prashant Yerramalli

This came in and made me question as to how really things are, are they how we look at them or are they completely different and it’s our perception after all. The above 5 plays were all that, and could have been interpreted in many more ways having deeper meanings, yet our narrowed view gives us a one dimensional look and that may not be the right thing. This was elaborated by John Cariani (from Almost Maine).

Performed by Priyanka Dasgupta and Saurabh Sensharma, this was the only act which seemed a bit longer than it really was.

Finally, thanks to the whole crew of DRAMANON for having come up with such simplistic backdrops and 2 character acts and proving yet again that if content is right, presentation and performances fall in place making it a must watch rather than a passable watch. Thanks to RK Shenoy, the Dramanon head for giving me such a wonderful evening.

It was night where I saw two bright stars shining high above and they were Harika Vedula and Saurabh Sensharma. 

A 4/5 for the acts put together and I would definitely make a point to watch this few more times and indeed with few more friends. 


31 Dec

Taken from Bookmyshow link

Dominic Wesley is back on popular demand! One of Hyderabad`s most beloved plays, the crazy team of Dominic-Wesley-Wesley-Wesley is back to entertain with their tomfoolery and goofiness, engage you with their thrilling repartee and enlighten you with the answers to life`s great questions. Or maybe make you ask yourself some questions. The conflict between the right and the left brained and the great and the half-brained comes to life in this (sur)real drama.
  • Language :
  • Genre :
  • Cast & Crew :
    Rathna Shekar Reddy, Pankhi Gakhar, Dwij Vasavada
  • Director :
    Rathna Shekar Reddy
  • Length :
    1 hr
  • Writer :
    Anjali Parvati Koda
  • Note :
    10 years and above
DATE : 28th DECEMBER 2012


So we are in the world of Dominic and he creates Wesley, his own secret a creation that is mechanical. Dominic is an artist who does the “Artistic” things. The Artist is in double quotes. It evoked a true expression where artists are succumbed to reality and to live as an artist is just not possible. Girlfriend needs money, Parents need their kid to be working and friends need parties from him. Life has become so very demanding that it is becoming tougher and tougher to merely survive. Now, in such reality we have DOMWES, a surreal world that is so very fragrant of stark realities. Such realities that we mostly are not even bothered about. 

How many times have we heard, “I want to be a musician” and it is followed by, “come on man, be real, take up a job, you are good but it will be great if you have a one at hand” 

Dominic played by Rathnashekar Reddy is just a well written character and Shekhar indeed has performed well. The Wesley 1 by Dwij Vasavada is again done well, in character it’s a contrast and the diction by this man is so very fine that we shall mostly fall in love with him and his enunciation. 

I loved Wesley’s line “It’s not a cellphone, it’s a smartphone” even such simple lines brought laughter and that is good.

Wesley 2 and 3 played by Pankhi Gakhar and Rutwik Upadhyayula have supported well.

This indeed is an entertaining 1 hour and I really wished it was longer with more elements. I appreciate Anjali completely who has written such a wonderful and a smart play that’s surreal, symbolic and superb. Yes, it is original and that’s the best thing, a good original play written by an Indian and I hope this play makes waves even abroad. Thanks Anjali for giving us such a gift this year end.

This is really entertaining and engaging and in it’s own way humorous and fun. Go see it, if you want to see how our very own secret creation may destroy us. Rather how reality can destroy an artist. A 4/5 for this.


8 Apr
The description given in the site here

Adapted from the original Marathi Play “Shri Tashi Sau“ written by Yogesh Soman into Hindustani by Saurabh Gharipurikar. This is a story about a Hyderabadi couple going to court to nullify their nuptials by divorcing each other for the final time. During the course of funny incidents, they realize that after so many fights they cannot live without each other.

One of the most hilarious plays I had seen, it rocked right from the word go with laughter. It had the audience in splits in each scenario. How does a wife cooks for husband, calling Maggi noodles as Chinese? How does a wife learn driving, getting off the scooter seeing her mother? How does the husband love, giving flowers to another woman? How does a husband take a wife to movie, forgetting the movie tickets? Does such things really happen. 

I was perplexed with such scenes interlaced with an awesome writing and that too the hyderbadi dialect helped in many matters 

Wife : Aji Sunte?
Husband : Sunaate?

The lingo just helped boost the already highly comical play to a higher level. I was told that it was directed by Krishna Shukla and am so very happy that this guy had done a great job. 

I would recommend this play and if given a chance may be I will go for it again. Just loved it.


8 Apr
The description given in the site here

April Fool pranks can be notorious… but truth can be uglier! How many of us have dealt with imprisonment of all sorts inside our own homes, where freedom of speech, freedom of thought & freedom as such is a rare entity. Hasn’t the world seen the most disturbing parental relationships, yet? The impact of a disturbed childhood is grave, not even close to what a non-victim can imagine! The story of four roommates (Anil, Ajay, Sirish & Rakesh) in a college hostel who plan to play a prank with their friend to pull his leg. The four boys have been together for a while now, they know each other pretty well. Three of them plan to tell Ajay that his father is here & waiting for him in the room. He is shocked, because his father never came to see him in three years. He rushes to the room to meet his father & finds out that there is nobody in the room except for his three prankster friends. He is irritated because they used a wrong topic to pull his leg. But the three friends do not back off and cause their friend to get angrier at his friends. 

I wish it had a simpler climax than a dramatic one and it was a bit shorter than it actually is.

Actually acted well except for Rakesh who felt a bit out of place as he was too lean to be considered an athletic body, the others fit well. Ajay as Krishna Shukla, our protagonist was the show stealer as he brought out the whole play together by his acting. BE it humour or drama he went with the flow and at times, I as an audience was perplexed at his sheer execution of the drama. 

It was not as if it was for the first time, someone is doing some kind of this act and we had seen such acts before too, be it in films or otherwise. But the act still works as it engrosses the audience each time by belief and then fooling around with the belief. The audience knows it very well, that there is no character as his father, yet we are succumbed to know if there was any and is he seen by Ajay. It leaves us with a question at end as to who is real April fool? Are we as audience or is Ajay as the protagonist or those friends of Ajay, who made a joke of April fool at Ajay. So it is commendable to hold that grip yet the play as a whole did not rise above the script and was just shown as written. 

I wish the writer directs the play well too or rather helps the director in getting more hilarious moments and placing them together. Please tone down the drama part and this would for sure make a good play to watch. As of today, it was more of passing time than a serious must watch.


1 Apr
Before I begin reviewing what I witnessed today, let me write a brief extract from the brochure I got about this play.

When young and earnest schoolmaster Leon Tolchinsky arrives to teach the people of Kulyenchikov, little does he know about the different sensibilities of the villagers (or the lack of it). A vendor who sells flowers for fish, a shepherd in search of sheep, a butcher sweeping dust back into his shop. The russian abode sure lies low on common sense. That the villagers are bunch of fools is certain.

Leon takes it upon himself to educate them and add some logic to their lives. But a special student awaits to be tutored before Leon can cater to the rest. To add to his worries he has limited time to do so. Else the consequences could be devastating. Will Leon have to do more than just a schoolmaster to the village? Will the shepherd find his sheep? Who is this ‘special’ student? Will the fools be foolish forever? 

All those who are proud of watching this play, I am with you .This is great in terms of acting and as the writing of Neil Simon goes, few things can be improved. the Dramanon team has done a great job in getting things together and executing in a hilarious way. Rahul Ghosh was simply the star and the gorgeous Harika was his perfect heroine. Others chipped and I liked (Nikolai Zubritsky) RK Shenoy the most among others. All did their part well, and I just found Slovitch’s accent a bit out of place. The acting is just perfect for all.

The dialogues are well done and so did the production, set design and costumes team, kudos to all. Technically too this was great, but a door was found missing for which the sound had to pitch in, good job guys in managing this too. It was surely hilarious and the best part was timing and spacing of dialogues, the tempo of the play was never lost though it had a break. It was like a feature film break and it would have been better off without any break. 

Good job RK Shenoy and all others who made this a fun watch. Kudos and am waiting for more such plays from Dramanon.

Yeah, surely  Stupidity brings life coz it brings fun and what a way to celebrate the Fools Day, thanks all for the gift you gave me.