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11 Aug


I loved this movie and cried like crazy.

Happy to have seen this in theaters, and happy to have found my sleeping kid. The kid that sleeps within me and always jumps awake at the opportune moment, was so happy seeing this. Ok, now cut the kid and let the sane adult talk, as this is a review by an adult and not a kid.

This adult has a story, a teenage story of changing school, being a rebel at home, and fighting with parents and teachers all through the years that he was at a new school. I changed my school when I was thirteen and the next couple of years were hell for my parents and teachers. A student with supreme conduct, suddenly turned into a disinterested rowdy with the change of school. The new school I was put in did not have good teachers, who could sing or play. They always used to teach in the most uninteresting way, and I hated all of it.

OK, that’s a little insight into my teenage years, but above all, this is a film that has much more than insight. I connected with this film on a deeper level, perhaps I too love reading minds. This movie is something that explores the feelings of emotions, how we react when we feel, how do we emote that feeling, it’s so much more about us within than many other films, that are all about characters, plot, themes etc. This movie, could possibly be about you, check this to find that out. I found something for me and was extremely happy.

The director has a daughter and she is nearly the same age as the film’s protagonist Riley. Now, what’s her age? Go watch the film, or as some lazy bugs do, just do some Wikipedia about director, the film, his daughter etc. I am unapologetic and actually unhappy with those who read this review and do not end up watching this.

Technically, PIXAR has achieved more than any other animation studio in the world in terms of animation, story-telling and development of characters and trust me, this film is on par with any PIXAR film you have liked, be it FINDING NEMO or MONSTERS INC or TOY STORY or many more including WALL-E and UP.

Having said all that, do I still need to rate this? I will do, just for the takers, it’s a 5/5. I love this and I need not say more.