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25 Nov

A short film by me, based on a small meeting between colleagues.



18 Oct

Hello All, My first directorial venture VICTIM has been uploaded to youtube and am happy about its release.


28 Jan
A short film written and acted by me.


9 Sep
A short film made by me and my friend Raghuveer.
Now the story goes like this. Raghu gave a concept, I wrote a script and he did not like it, then he got an idea, I liked then we sat to make it. Then we got into a different idea where two people talk about two opposite things. For me it was death and for him it was birth. But we ended up writing the same thing a different way. Then we thought, so be it let’s make it.
There are evident flaws coz this was our first experiment and even we call this a piece of crap. Nevertheless, we attempted a weird piece and presented it much weirdly.
Editing was completely done by Raghu and I am amazed by his talent. He shall go a long distance and win accolades should he make films. 
For myself, I am a writer and strictly a writer for now.