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6 Apr
A one time watch is enough to remember this for a life time. It’s an impact film is what I can definitely say. As, this is a suspense-thriller, I cannot  reveal the suspense or anything. Yet, I just want to say that the cold-bloodedness of a character makes it way too obvious and provides an indication of what is going to come across.

Acting is masterful by all, especially by Kevin Spacey who alone rallies the ensemble cast by his stoned face and supreme voice narration.

This is not only a well acted film but also a well written one. The writing is sharp and straight. Undoubtedly it deserves the accolades it received for writing and also Kevin Spacey’s acting.

Overall, a must watch for the lovers of cinema, but if you predict the twist, the I am not sure if you will even like this film.

It’s a good one still and not a great one for me as other aspects of the film technicalities might have been much better. A 3/5 for this.