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24 Jul

This for sure is one of the most sensible films of recent past. A must watch for the late great Faroque Sheikh.

Above all, a sensitive issue of marriage at an old age has been held brilliantly and is handled with a fine sensibility. Kudos to the writer director for this. Interestingly, the directors are couple Geeta and Avinash Kumar Singh. So, the primary reason for the crackling chemistry between the lead pair Deepti Naval and Faroque Sheikh could be attributed to fact that the director are a pair themselves.
Swara Bhaskar, the young was made to show up a lot of emotion which is a rarity in contemporary Bollywood. I say this because in many films, young women are used to squeeze some lust. So many films forget that these young girls are daughters of some parent and thus indulge themselves only in showcasing their curves more. I hope, she gives us more performances like this.
Also, this film has things that I love and savour the most. Coffee, photography and writing. Damn, that’s a deadly combo which was used intelligently to convey a sensible story. 
The film could have surely done away with songs or hopefully they were much better than what are there. But barring that tiny glitch it was a wonderful 104 minutes. I succumb to such films and thus, fell for this too. 
Look at the reference used “Miss Chamku” for Deepti Naval by Faroque. Any guesses why was it there? Go see the original Chashme Baddoor then. It’s such tiny things that made this film wonderful and a cut above the rest. I just gave an example and indeed there are not many references too, still there are moments that can bring a smile.
A 4/5 for this sensible film. What a way to bid adieu to the great Faroque Sheikh. A great man gone too soon. 


22 Jul
The tone is changed to sepia and it’s so dramatic for me. Taken in the skies of Hampi, India.


22 Jul
That’s a fly on the flower. This flower is a of a river plant. Taken at banks of Tungabhadra river in Hampi.


22 Jul
Krishna Temple at Hampi’s vast expense could not be captured in all, just presenting a glimpse.

नज़र का असर

16 Jul
तेरी नज़र का असर ये रहा, मेरी किस्मत को बदल दिया 
निकला था कुछ बनने के लिए, तेरी शक्सियत ने दीवाना बना दिया 
मकसत को ढूंढ  रहा था, उल्फत मिली राह में 
आदत बनाना होगा, ज़िन्दगी जो बिताना है अब इसी चाह में 
ताकत तुम्हारी इतनी है, तो न जाने सीयत कितनी है 
सौगात है तू दुनिया को, जलन होगा शायद तुझे बनाने वाले को 

शराब को पिया

2 Jul
जलता  है किसके लिए आज भी इस दिल का दिया 
मचलता है क्यों आज भी ये जिया 
शायद, उम्मीद इस दिल का मिटा नहीं 
उस चाह को मिटाने आज शराब को पिया

तेरी खयालों में मरने से

2 Jul
ग़म का नशे में हूँ, रोकने वाला भी कोई नहीं मरने से 

पर रोकता हूँ खुद मौत को, डरता जो हूँ तेरी खयालों में मरने से