Archive | April, 2014


24 Apr
When in the winter, I wore the sweater
While it got cold and I just got it sold
Got some money to buy some rum
To make myself warm in the snow storm
But it didn’t work and I had to bear,
The cold till I got another one to wear.


24 Apr
I walked on the moon holding a spoon
So to have lunch, waiting for the noon
Hoping against the hope in innocence
That here too the sun would rise soon


24 Apr
Why does the sun dawn every dawn,
And moon every night, if not for you
If not for you, I wonder why was music made 
And why there is noise, when you feel sad
The earth rotates and even revolves
If not for you, why would it make such a resolve
Moon shines bright all through the night
If not for you, why stars twinkle at night
Rain pours, snow falls and sun gives heat
If not for you, why does nature do such a feat
So hard to beguile as you sit for a while
Flowers blossom and leaves sprout
All work hard, to catch a glimpse of that wonderful smile
Which comes on, only in joy and not in melancholy or doubt


24 Apr
Welcome to my world, my lovely valentine
Let’s have dinner with candles and wine
Let’s dance as if there is no tomorrow
Lost in the beats, forget past sorrow
Let the candles smile at our funny steps
Let the wine spill as we move our hips
Stop, the order has come and is waiting
Let’s make love at table dancing while dining.


24 Apr
Saw her on a railway platform

Making myself just a bit loose
I went up to her and said “Hello Miss”
She turned away as if she gave me a miss
Then I said “Hello Beautiful, How are you?”
She gave a look that asked “Who are you?”
She moved away but my look was still on
And started and stared till the train came on
Her beauty faded and she seemed normal
And yet I stared just as normal
The lips lost their glow, and so did her eyes
Too manly were her broad jaws 
While too square was her thumb nail
Which she tried to hide under her stole
The train stopped and so did my staring trial
As I moved away, I heard someone say
“A beauty stared too much becomes a witch
A girl loved too much becomes a bitch”


24 Apr
Calling into meadows of love, is my wife
While the shadows are waning at dusk 
As the sun sets down, calling to have fun
Musicians unfold their guitars to start their busk
The green grass turns black at night
Moon wades to radiate its light
My love, lying in the grass
Glowing bright under the moon light
Calls me to hold her tight
The black crows and the white doves
Flew to their nests to make private love
Now it’s our time to make love


24 Apr
Seventh day in a row I am on an alcohol spree
Just drinking like hell as I am free
Messing with them who want to mess with me
Screwing them who want to screw me
Knowing that I am alone, with no friend but myself
Living as a menace of this little life
Taking peace to places out of reach
All rules are dead as I made the big breach
For the mess that made me happy, I am solely responsible
Like for all things for an eternal loner, he is only responsible