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30 Sep
Stylish without substance. Power packed punches in a powerless story. 
I have kept myself away as much as possible from the Telugu Films, because they are mostly not to my liking. But, I went to see this movie as it had to face a tough piracy devil. Pawan Kalyan made a good gesture by returning his remuneration back So that triggered a feeling in me and I went for it. Thanks to fans who made this film stand tall in such turbulent times and made it earn the revenue.
Coming to the film, I am disappointed again. As many telugu films have made me feel, it’s the old wine in a new bottle. Here, I will just give my likes and dislikes coz I do not want to spend much time on this. I have been through an ordeal of 3 hours already and spending more time on this film would make no sense as I do not think it’s a movie worth spending time
1) Video Direction of “Ninnu Choodagane” song
2) Usage of the 1940’s Song “Katama Rayuda”. Well rendered by Pawan Kalyan but not so well placed. 
3) Re recording, sound mixing and even background score at places. 
4) Some 20 dialogues of Trivikram, not more (each dialogue that has a rhyme I felt was not so unnecessary, most were not related to situation)
1) The biggest dislike is editing, too many uncalled for scenes just to add up some commercial. It was done for the sake of it but not for any purpose
2) The second biggest crib is screenplay, it’s a serial that is made into a feature film. Even for that, the screenplay is showed as if it’s non linear, I found some similarities with the “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” screenplay too. “BMB” film needed that, but this film went overboard.
3) Dialogues for Samantha and even her acting, I wish someone else did act, she is just not a good actor. But it seems for telugu audience she is good enough.
4) Bringing Brahmanandam just for the sake of it, he was not needed but director created space specifically to fit him. The skit made in the film was too long. Indeed, his presence itself was too long.
5) Now, the biggie, Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms.  I was doubting his manhood at various points. He acted as a girl in various uncalled for moments. Though his dialogue delivery is fine, his body language is not to my liking. 
Overall, I am going with a generous 2/5 for this. I did not like this serial (I felt it was like a serial more than film).


23 Sep
I have seen an epistolary play in the form of “LOVE LETTERS” and now there is a epistolary film in the form of “THE LUNCHBOX”. I am so lucky to have been part of this. Lunchbox is a definite watch for few emotions that are rarely touched upon in Indian films.
Before I review the movie, I have liked 3 Indian movies this year. LOOTERA. BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG and SHIP OF THESEUS. If Lootera was a fable romance story, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag lifted my spirits and the SHIP OF THESEUS did jolt my consciousness and make me ask many questions. But Lunchbox dug deeper in few emotional aspects. It asked me if I crave for love, long for someone, do I have a heart that empathises with the aspects of companion and how long will I go   .
Longing is an universal feeling and that’s well portrayed depicted and put in this film. Yet, I too was longing for more after the film. Wish that the film was more in length. In just about 1 hour, its hard to induce a feeling so deep and that’s what I believe was the only drawback. 
The performances were simply superb and even sublime. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the charmer and the bright spot who brought smiles. Nimrat Kaur was a married yet lonely wife and a caring mother. Irrfan Khan was the perfect gentleman and a serious type who craves for companionship and when he finds, he gives it away with his own prejudices. These three actors are just too good but again in 1 hour they are very short lived and I was craving even for their acting and more of their emotions.
The sound editing was at time overlapping but otherwise it gave a realistic feel. The art direction, cinematography were well complemented. The screenplay excelled at places and threw a few surprises too like the coffee shop scene. A few scenes were repetitive which besotted with a sense of deja vu. It indeed worked for the film as it made me feel living a mundane life of the character. The dialogues are witty and smart.
If I ever a crib, then it’s about the story, well its made of few letters and they do not reveal more emotions. That’s one thing I again wanted to see more. Overall it left me disappointed in aspects of time and emotions as they were very short lived. Else, it would have been a wonderful film. Having said that, on the face of it, I like the movie though not loved it. Maybe the interval break which was uncalled for in such a short movie, spoiled the joy. I need to see this without a break so will get a DVD of this.
A 4/5 for this and by no means it can be missed. But you watch and decide please. This is one of the most simplistic films you may have seen.Also, I felt hungry after watching this, I just loved the kofta made in this. 


17 Sep
Here is something I wrote. A feeling I go through each year when I pass by lakes after the Ganesh Visarjan. I think, how would the waters feel by the abuse we do to it. Poor soul of waters goes through a lot of pain. I am happy by initiatives of Clay idols being kept, but it’s not enough. I wish, a day will come soon when the oil painted and iron filled idols are banned. Till that day, there shall be “TEARS OF WATERS”

Each year, I wish this day shall not come

But my prayers go unheard 
I wish that this crime shall not be done
Alas, blindness is high in the human herd

For the rapists of a girl the law falls in line
But for abuse upon me, it all seems so fine
Coming to my seas and beaches of mine for vacations
Writing poetry by my lakes or rivers for recreation

Yet, you dump the garbage and your waste
I bear it all the year but today is a total distaste
The iron and oil you paint your gods with
They cannot dissolve nor sail
They just make ashamed of your myth
But again, none can hear my wails

I seek salvage from this rampage
But despite my cries I am not given respite
I am an essence of you, an element you can never miss 
But “O human” by abusing me you are in bliss 

I cry today but I see for none it matters
Please spare me I beg you in tears
Alas, you cannot see nor feel mine
They too are of my own soul “the waters” 


13 Sep

Kiss me on my forehead
Kiss me on my cheeks
Kiss me on my nose
Kiss me on lips
Kiss me anywhere you want
Kiss me with your tender lips
Kiss me forever and never stop
Kiss me dear for a lifetime
Let me die in your kisses


13 Sep

I am a poet first everything else next
I heard his first line in our first meet
As moments passed with days and nights
I heard his poems in rains and scorching sun

With many ‘of courses’ in our long discourses
With cigar or wine at lunch or as we dine
We were young then and words were handy

And a day I had to part, with him and his poems
I said ‘Thank you for your friendship”
On what I thought was our last meet
He said ‘Thank my poems before anything else
And we shall meet again in a corner of Life Street’

I met him years later and true were his words
Now he was residing on the throne of words
With many poems in the shrine of his thoughts
He said ‘World is round and thus you land
On the same ground with wrinkled feet and hands”

Some too deep, some too long his poems were
Some mellowed sonnets and rest were songs
It was a corner and I met him at life’s dead end

A dawn, by a message he did send
I knew of his illness that cannot mend
I went to his place to have some time spent
I greeted him though wailing ‘Hello Friend’
He in hurry, yelled in his last breath
I am a poet first everything else next


13 Sep

This poor man is a mendicant
Begging for love, begging you
With heart filled by nothing but love
Care, is what I do not show
To anyone but you
Fear, is what I do not have
Of anything but losing you
Think, is what I cannot do
Of anyone but just you
The bees, the caterpillars and ants
The tiniest of things understand it
Hope you would one day get
What I am going through


13 Sep

Come tonight, O beautiful
I’d show you love
Come tonight just for another time
And see the words of love
Come please, for tonight
For tomorrow, I do not have an idea
Where’d I be and where’d you be
Come, come, come tonight
I shall give you my love and my soul