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31 Dec

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Dominic Wesley is back on popular demand! One of Hyderabad`s most beloved plays, the crazy team of Dominic-Wesley-Wesley-Wesley is back to entertain with their tomfoolery and goofiness, engage you with their thrilling repartee and enlighten you with the answers to life`s great questions. Or maybe make you ask yourself some questions. The conflict between the right and the left brained and the great and the half-brained comes to life in this (sur)real drama.
  • Language :
  • Genre :
  • Cast & Crew :
    Rathna Shekar Reddy, Pankhi Gakhar, Dwij Vasavada
  • Director :
    Rathna Shekar Reddy
  • Length :
    1 hr
  • Writer :
    Anjali Parvati Koda
  • Note :
    10 years and above
DATE : 28th DECEMBER 2012


So we are in the world of Dominic and he creates Wesley, his own secret a creation that is mechanical. Dominic is an artist who does the “Artistic” things. The Artist is in double quotes. It evoked a true expression where artists are succumbed to reality and to live as an artist is just not possible. Girlfriend needs money, Parents need their kid to be working and friends need parties from him. Life has become so very demanding that it is becoming tougher and tougher to merely survive. Now, in such reality we have DOMWES, a surreal world that is so very fragrant of stark realities. Such realities that we mostly are not even bothered about. 

How many times have we heard, “I want to be a musician” and it is followed by, “come on man, be real, take up a job, you are good but it will be great if you have a one at hand” 

Dominic played by Rathnashekar Reddy is just a well written character and Shekhar indeed has performed well. The Wesley 1 by Dwij Vasavada is again done well, in character it’s a contrast and the diction by this man is so very fine that we shall mostly fall in love with him and his enunciation. 

I loved Wesley’s line “It’s not a cellphone, it’s a smartphone” even such simple lines brought laughter and that is good.

Wesley 2 and 3 played by Pankhi Gakhar and Rutwik Upadhyayula have supported well.

This indeed is an entertaining 1 hour and I really wished it was longer with more elements. I appreciate Anjali completely who has written such a wonderful and a smart play that’s surreal, symbolic and superb. Yes, it is original and that’s the best thing, a good original play written by an Indian and I hope this play makes waves even abroad. Thanks Anjali for giving us such a gift this year end.

This is really entertaining and engaging and in it’s own way humorous and fun. Go see it, if you want to see how our very own secret creation may destroy us. Rather how reality can destroy an artist. A 4/5 for this.



31 Dec
Wishes I do so many

Let me do one for the next year
It’s the same like other so many
That way should go our fear
And return, I hope the happy times
When we were free to roam
And happiness was heard from wind’s clime
When we had not thought much to take a loan
To buy a loan or farm
Wish, I do for one and all
That love should be enough to make everyone warm
And shall not make anyone small
Money should stay with those who need it
So to buy, breed and feed happiness and prosperity
With all my heart, I wish year to be a super one
And may all your wishes come true and may you have fun


27 Dec
Let me tell you a scene just before I went into the screen to watch this film

A middle aged couple in their 40’s came in their along with the parents an old couple in 70’s. the old man and lady got down while the middle aged couple did not the old man said “meeru kooda randi raa ee cinema ki” to which the man in car replied “aa memu em choostamu le ee cinemani meeru choosi randi”. The old couple took tickets while the middle aged couple left in their car. So such is the notion of the audience, I agree we are all driven by our own prejudices and that lets us down at times. But the question is, to what extent are we let down by our prejudices?

I wanted to write the review of this movie specifically in Telugu but my Telugu is not great (as if my English is great) but i manage well in English and thus penning it down.

Its just and simply great and I loved it to begin with. 

This took me to nostalgia to 3 great movies of last 20 years “seeta ramiah gaari manavaru” “aithe” “grahanam” all those are completely different but are great and I place “mithunam” there .
With just one old couple a movie is told and not for a moment we see a face apart from Appadasu and Buchhi. Yet, these 2 characters are enough to wrench the hearts and make eyes moist many a time in this near 105 minute film. 

Take yourself to 65 years of age and make yourself alone with just you and your wife now what shall be the best past time think you may get many answers but for Appadasu its food and food and food.

He begins by explaining in great detail how to make brijnjal pickle (“vankaya pachhadi”) then makes “dappalam” (mukkala pulusu) with his own hands then crushes jack fruit to make jack fruit curry (“panasa pottu koora”) and even enjoys an overnights bitter gourd soup (“kaakarakaaya pulusu”). No wonder I was feeling so hungry in theatre that i cant say and i enjoyed my dinner later very much.

The dialogues and even songs are related to food look at these for example 

“Dappalamu, Daampathyamu marigina koddi ruchi”
“Tatvaalu Paadetappudu tambura sruti laa undaali kottimeera”

But the best dialogue is this

“Manishilaa puttadam telike batakatame kashtam” 
(It’s easy being born as human but its tough to live like human)

The songs in the film apart those in titles are “Coffee Dandakam” and “Avakaaya manadira” and both are worth a listen for their lyrics alone. 

It’s an ode to marriage and elderly life. The elderly couple love everything around them, be it their cow Savitri or the trees that give fruits and flowers to them. They are self sufficient and grow everything in their garden itself and wow it was beautiful. 

Being away from their own kids, does not bother them, rather Appadasu wants to end his life, just being in that home with his wife. So, they even pass away being together and well, the climax is an interpretation of what each one thought would have happened. 

It’s a film that went perfectly for me, from the titles Mithunam where sun comes in the middle of ‘థ’to the last frame where an empty chair was shown, it just wet fluidly as if poetry was being recited in a mellowed voice.

After the movie finished, an old man said as a remark “Bhojana Priyulaku Kashtame” and the whole theater erupted in laughter.

It’s a rare 5/5 for a Telugu Movie and I loved it. Now, don’t go expecting story or great turnaround or cinematic climax. Sometimes simple is more beautiful than anything. But be patient it’s too slow. And more, it may not work for many of my generation guys as they may not be able to relate it. But I hope they give a try. I am saying this, knowing that many would prefer staying away from the movie like the earlier mentioned couple did.

Thanks to Lakshmi, SP Balasubramanyam and Tanikella Bharani who have taken this wonderful story to greater heights by depiction and direction. Also thanks to Sriramana who has written the story.


25 Dec

I lived a loner, then you came
I died then, taking your name
Beautiful you are to look at
But you are mean and crooked
You used me to fill your time
And I swayed to your every damn rhyme
My beautiful thoughts were made ridiculous
With your rending of heart so meticulous
Yet I love you through my grave
For whatever nuances you gave
This is the agony of every last lover
The pain of a broken monument’s worker
In the pain too, I think of you
Scream I do, I love you, I love you


25 Dec

In the house of beasts I was born
But I turned out to be God
They thrashed me with swords
And hurt me with their words
I stood still though with bruises
Heard the agony with bloody lashes
My knuckles swelled with puss
My knees dwelled in fuss
Yet I spoke what I thought truth
I now stand as they ostracized me
For, I had never shown any Ruth


24 Dec
An intense drama with superb production design.
It’s the kind of drama that we used to see in our childhood with family politics involved and the fight is for the throne. Who is going to be the heir? How to take the throne from a king who is good at fighting but not so kind at heart? This forms the whole story and indeed that is what is the whole movie.
Characters are shown as they are, and slowly as the film progresses, their real motives are revealed. From crown prince to the empress to a doctor, everyone is doing something for themselves and its their selfishness that has drowned them. At the beginning, I thought it would be hard to understand story, but as things got simpler, I started actually disliking it. It’s a complex story with every character being pivotal to the culmination of the story, yet with each detail revealed I was getting to know more of the story and as knowledge grew, interest reduced and that’s what happened. Yet, this is a very hardcore drama and a great drama too. We don’t see so much of politics involved and each character plotting against the other in many films. 
Now, before I go ahead reviewing anything, costume design and set design which combine into production design are aspects I loved this movie for. The climax fight that is choreographed superbly shows a glimpse of how authentic the whole film is. From beginning to the end, the palace, the kings costume, the queen’s embroidery each has it’s own distinct artistry and all are beautiful. 
Gong Li as the empress has showed great variation in emotion and so did Chow Yun Fat as the emperor. All others showed emotion well. Sound design was good too
Now, this is good movie and not a great one though, a 3/5 is what I think is apt. 


22 Dec

I still feel you coming toward me
I still see you in my dreams loving me
I still smell your fragrance that quenched me
I still stream those tears of parting that drenched me
You asked me not to love you
But how can I stop for heart is not mine
It was and is yours and shall be to love you
Do whatever you want to, with it
And I shall accept with glee
For dear I still taste those soft lips where nectar is abundant
I still touch your skin where in each pore love is present