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30 Oct

When the world is sleeping
I would make my own sun
When the world is weeping
I would run and have some fun
Paranoids, in the heartbeats
Parasites, on the streets
Psycho maniacs in parties
Psychiatrics in the meets
Their life is on a swing now
One can’t guess when they would fall
And in my heart I have a song
But I don’t know where to stop
Going to the edge of world
From where I can see them all
And where I can stand tall
If I die, it wouldn’t matter
And if I live, that can be for long
When the world is crazy
I would make it hazier
And when the world is silent
I would turn it wild and violent



30 Oct

There was a guy who was working fine
And was happy as he earned a name
Then a day, his lead came up and said
‘Can you come to the conference room?’
He asked back funnily ‘Do I have to broom?’
They both went in and came after an hour
There was neither a smile nor a tear poured
He winked and walked towards the door
And left saying ‘Going going and Gone’

***Written in 2009, when jobs were being stripped because of Recession. Still, I do not think that is outdated.


30 Oct

A wonderful little film that breaks the shackles of commercial cinema and gives us meaningful cinema

It was nice to see the whole film revolving around a marriage Marriage process is shown in great detail, it begins with the marriage preparations and ends once marriage is over. That is, it begins with Kym’s (Anne Hathway) return to home and her going back to rehab The movie, as the name states is about Kym’s sister Rachel (Rosemarie Dewitt) getting married, yet its mostly about what happens with Kym all through. So, Kym is our protagonist and she is bad for her past and better for her future. She is from a rehab of drugs, thus a drug addict, she was the reason for her brother’s death and for a few other bad deeds. Ok, so how will you judge a character as this. Her, mother acts as the judge at times and though, it’s not all right, it’s all natural.

The beauty of the script itself here is showing us how we behave and how irrational we can be with our own prejudices. Sometimes, we miss the whole point by judging someone too early.

Now, before I may squeeze out a few important terms, let me tell you one thing, don’t expect a climax, don’t expect a beginning, don’t expect big background score and not the proper cinematography either. It’s all done un-cinematically and yet done very wonderfully. Camera is hand held, and the noise is natural and mostly live recording and even songs like “Unknown Legend” (one of my favs) is sung naturally. Now, I like this kind of cinema that shows us that what we need more than a camera, the technology and those gorgeously made up actors is a script, a story that is worth telling and if told in a way natural as this, it may be mostly be liked, if not for the normal commercial movie goers but for a niche audience who are looking for a different kind of cinema. Though, I believe that this has been considered a great work in independent cinema and has it’s own place there.

I liked the costumes, the whole wedding that takes place in an Indian style, we have Anne Hathway in a saree and that is great to see. Now, the whole cast did a great job in acting and Anne Hathway stood out in her performance as Kym. Wish, she garnered more awards.

All in all, it’s a cinema for those who love cinema and a 4/5 for a movie that you like only if you have patience to sit through the whole wedding of not yours but someone else, who is unrelated to you.


29 Oct
At times, even crap seems to be fine. 
As my friend Raghuveer just said, “no film is a bad film if our faculties are laid to rest”. This is not a bad film either, just that we have rest our faculties. I was reluctant halfway through the film to complete this, yet I did make it to the end, coz I just wanted to see a light hearted comedy after watching those big great films. Now, even this mind needs some rest and this film gave me the much needed respite.
In many terms, if I look at this from a critical perspective it is very average, be it dialogue acting or the whole theme of getting to a girlfriend, we saw this in When Harry Met Sally, and so many other films just that here, we have a different backdrop. Sarah is a TV actor and the guy Peter is trying hard to forgetting his ex girlfriend Sarah Marshall. 
So most of things happen for our peace here, he gets a place to stay, falls in love with a different woman, and sticks on to her. And even before this, he tries one night stands. All is so easy in this guys life it seems. So that’s how easily this movie was made and yet it was made likeable. May be Hawaii, the backdrop of this movie was got me into it more than anything else. And this film displays may romantic traditions of Hawaii and I loved them.
Thanks guys, for making an average movie as this, coz at times, we need average stuff to find our self back. You helped me do that again. Giving you a 2/5 for the technical aspects which are certainly above average, just that I have seen such films so many.


29 Oct

Life is such a bore being all-alone
Roaming like a dog, searching for a bone
Wandering on roads, squandering time
Singing sad songs that do not have a rhyme
No one speaks to me and nothing gives bliss
No one to love and no one to miss
In my world I am the only one
That’s the way it is when there is none


29 Oct

Something small yet substantial
Deep inside me and under veil
The resonance thats celestial
Those are feelings of my soul

They shall be with me in grave
Busy, they shall keep me in death
Nothing more then, I would crave,
For there is you in my big sleep’s every breath

I may be gone for you, to do sleeping
Yet, you may not be weeping
But, I shall leave my legacy with you
Wish now you get through it, that once ‘I was you’

***This is a thought provoked by Saru Singhal’s Words….My Words


28 Oct
A movie that’s insanely satirical and extremely poignant even 50 years after it’s making.
Wow, firstly mention of the great genius Stanley Kubrick who perceived this film like no one has including the writer of RED ALERT, the novel on which the movie is based on. He created a character of Dr. Strangelove that is not there originally in the book and took it to a level that only Kubrick can be attributed the credit.
Now, this is a war movie with a part of war being shown in reality and in fact the whole war crew terminology is shown in heavy detail especially by those in that warplane who communicate mostly in numbers. So even how they speak is made fun at. Having said that, this movie has a serious undertone which I believe was kept aside to ensure that this was comical more than being serious. The tone is a threat of the cold war and what if USA and Russia come to war, it would be a loss of whole humanity itself. 
Now, this is taken on it’s own by Peter Sellers, one of the best comedians who has held the silver screen post the Chaplin-era and he plays not just one, but three principal characters all of them, extremely different in terms of looks, accents,  roles and even the way they walk. Now, to take it up as a challenge and to bring in subtleties and portray them as they are is something that only Peter Sellers could have pulled off. Oh, what a great cast this was by using Peter Sellers for 3 roles. 
The whole set design is just authentic and so is that airplane cockpit design that has too many details to make us feel even silly to be listening to pilots slang. It was all intentionally done by Kubrick and yes it was a laughter ride all through, even when explosion took place. 
It’s stupendous in all departments and thanks to Stanley Kubrick, the master for giving us a film as great  as this. It’s a definite 5/5 for one of the finest satirical war movies that how many ever satires can come on war, this will hold it’s own place and way above from others.