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19 Sep

An advent of a few moments
Could leave some in joys and some in laments
I learnt this well known truth
After showing a certain degree of Ruth
At a glass window, where there is a lady on the other side
The nerves shall freeze as if you were just frozen river
Mind is made to be intact with all bothers aside
And to focus on telling truth of what you have done in career
All one needs to do is say, but that that’s not all
For she is the one who would take a call
To let you go with your own passport
While she can hear your silent cries
Else, she would make you say, “I have Visa Power”
And make you fly into the skies

***Nov 19th 2009, I got my VISA to USA. THis is when I worte it on my back from the consulate.



19 Sep

Beneath the sky, aloof from men
I stand here in the nature’s abode
Heard of it, spoke of it and now I saw heaven
Tolerance it has, of such mankind’s code
The code of depletion of mighty nature
Of animals, birds and tiny creatures
Who are unable to withstand their stature
Here I stand in nature’s pleasant abode
That, which is home to species plethora
Obscure and at times vague is its way
Yet, it has a light deep within that shows us the way
Abusive nature is that of mankind
Speechless earth stays giving just a glance
“What a fool you are” is what it says

***Wrote this when I was passing through Malshej Ghat at waterfall in Maharashtra.


18 Sep
The Yellows and Greys in the sky, just before twilight. Taken from my home.


18 Sep
On 19th Septh, 2009, this is how the sky was. Taken from my home. 


18 Sep
Taken from my home. This is how sun looks when aperture in F36. This is like those thriller movies.


17 Sep

Followed every girl who came in my eyes
Found something new all the time
To love and cheat there is always a new device
There is love yes, but not that sweet clime
Calling sweet names, sharing smiles
They make it look like they are free from wiles
Yet they know that to find true love
They have to cross many more miles
Each one has a sense of view
That’s different to be called as true
Went into the hills, the dales and clumsy malls
But hardly could find one single clue
With which I could substantiate the reason
Of the love that is followed by treason


17 Sep
The cutest love story, I have ever seen.
Some love stories are told extravagantly and some are made with simplicity, but this one is made with a cuteness that is really rare. Oh, it does not involve a boy and girl but involves a boy robot called WALL-E and a female robot called EVA. And what do they do apart from falling in love, they make others fall in love with their motherland, the Earth.
It’s the first 3D animated short film from PIXAR and the one scene in one which WALL-E and EVA go around the spaceship amidst those stars is just worth all the 3-D effort. Too much of detailing is done and so much hard work is really worth every time. It’s not so astonishing that some have called it the best animated movie of all time, but for me, its the cutest love story of all time. The best animated movie still is Monsters Inc.
Now, coming to WALL-E what we have 2 loveable characters against a not so pleasant backdrop. It’s the earth of 2805 and now life is not there on Earth, EVA is the life detector sent by humans in space who have now become more of parasites than humans. Those beings have even forgot to walk. Now, this is a serious theme told hilariously. Take that one scene in which WALL – E holds umbrella for EVA which is struck by lightning. Or that beautiful lighter scene. Wow, I am all in love with such details.
Coming to writing, this is authentic writing told in a fable like manner through robots. Nicely done, and the emotions are what is important behind each scene. The storyboard work could have been too tedious with so many details being presented to us. And the music, the song “Down To Earth” is still on my ipod and is one of my favorites too.
This is a time and again watch movie and a sure 5/5 and this one tiny little animation cinema is for long to stay and may well go beyond 2805 A.D. Love WALL E and love EVA.