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30 Sep

In winter which is of snow
When the sun comes, a tad too slow
Two men meet for a cup of tea
And talk that the world isn’t right
And we must fight till we die
To bring a change as infinite as sea
To get the right think and get the right done
They know they are two and yet alone
For none can give them a hand
In the world of filth that lives in money might
How can they hold on tight?
To what they think is right
Saying this, they part their ways
Hoping, soon would come glorious sunny days



30 Sep

I am on the way to be free
Away from discipline spree
With lovely dreams and friendly books
That would take my loneliness away
Sun wakes me up and moon gives me romantic looks
The clouds talk to me in day
At night, with stars I shall play
Leaving those who stopped me
From doing the things I wished to do
From being the man, I wanted to be
I am on the way to be free
But there were some, close to heart
Like you my friend, but it’s time to part


30 Sep
This is an adventure film and perhaps one of the best.
Indiana Jones, the archaeology professor takes us on an adventure and lets us know about things that we never knew. I am not sure if they ever existed but as along as I am on fun ride, I am pretty happy with the fiction element of the ride. And this one is a fun ride and good one too. Having said that, I still can’t say if it still has the charm of 1981 (rather I saw it first time in 2002) but as I saw it today, it made a fun ride. 
Thanks to Harrison Ford for carrying the style and flamboyance needed and to Steven Spielberg and George Lucan and team who made this INDY possible. It’s an adventure of 1930’s and art direction and cinematography are superb. The music which has now became a signature tune even to film awards in India is gonna stay with us for a long time. 
Some film makers have claimed this film to be changing their mind and pulling them into films, example Nagesh Kukunoor. So the impact of the film is understandable and yet is extensive. The special effects are nowhere when compared to what we have today, but it was made but what was there in 1981 and boy, I must say it will stand better than many special effects films even 100 years later. 
The best thing probably is the setup, there is a dialogue initially to help us understand what is the purpose of the adventure and then once the adventure rolls in, we are put aback by thrills and stunts and more than anything, the enigma of a charismatic man called Indiana Jones.
I would go with 4/5 and recommend it to all those adventure and fun loving guys. And for all the parents, your kids will love this film more than the recent crap films like JOURNEY or anything. I strongly believe this.


21 Sep

Those days were nice
With few innocent and some wise
Now, there are women too many
And men much more
But gone is the innocence and wisdom 
That was there before
Now, the days are of fear
Fear of losing one’s self
Of losing gold and money from shelf
Of losing power and respect
Of being victim, culprit or suspect
For that undone crime, such is the time
Thus, I pray in silence
That may come back days of wisdom
And of glorious innocence


20 Sep

‘Wake up, you brat’ you squealed this morn
That did jolt me but didn’t make me forlorn
For, your squeal is still so lovely
As if a song of the spring makes the flowers blossom
‘Go and fetch water’, you yelled at me
I did go for you my love,
Coz in your yelling you smiled at me
Before you turned back towards the stove
‘Keep the car ready’, you screamed again
And in haste, I started it
You knew, I can’t make you late
To meet your lover, so I slept and dreamed again 


19 Sep
 A very important and a highly realistic film that is a must watch.
It took time to settle down, after I watched it. It did something to me, something I can’t say much about. It made me feel uncomfortable, though there is no violence of even one discomforting scene, it did make me feel a little untruthful and left me with a quilt of being dishonest too at times.
It’s a film that is realistic all through and thanks to the makers and actors. Oh, so fine realistic acting is something which is rare. And thanks to the director Asghar Farhadi who has given us a film that is very honest in making and in portrayal too. To envision the whole reaction of a character is first, we must be in that character’s position to empathise with him/her and then write the emotion. Then get some actor to show us exactly what we need from him. Now Asghar had envisioned the whole of it and did it brilliantly.
It’s unbelievably real right form the word go and thanks for the cameraman who has done an outstanding job. Just look at the beginning scene where the couple walk out and we understand that it is a real place and not a set. It’s difficult to make films in a country that is typically still fundamental and fanatical like Iran. I don’t mean to offend Iran people but I seriously think Iran has to come to terms with freedom of speech and expression. 
Now, the whole film that looks so real is made with a shoe string budget of $25000 that is just nearly 12.5 lakh rupees. How many stories can we tell with such money, very very few. So it’s all in writing and planning of execution and that’s what this film shows. Casting is greatly done and acting is supreme by the cast.
Yet, above all that, it’s honesty that the film is meant with. It’s hard to bequeath any emotion that any character underwent in this trial of “A Separation”. Editing is supremely done and even as the credits kept on rolling, it made me yearn for more. I wanted to know whom the girl chose, is it the father or the mother. It’s a real tough deal to get a whole story being revolved around an accident and then try to make it really engaging. All it takes is good writing and good acting. ‘Separation has now I believe deserved all the accolades it has won, and I wish such films to be coming out more from Iran.
A separation is not a film that separates you from it. It’s a film that makes you a part of it and engages you as a viewer. I go with 5/5 for great movie that has minimal scenes and characters and still has good writing and acting and camera work that made it the best film of the year. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch it.


19 Sep

Though short, his nose was long
His voice was too echoed
On road, he was always taking salutes
From those who were in words mellowed
Akin to “Hercules of Odyssey” was he
Then came a beauty in his lane
She was called Jane by those who were sane
She took no notice of him on her move
Becoming insane he followed her
She turned around and said “STUPID”
He held her too close to himself
And yelled in her eyes ‘CALL ME KEVIN’