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31 Aug

For a friend of mine, I pray this
Same day each year, I say this
May glory be in her home?
And happiness in life
May peace be her property?
And she gets joy in her strife
Life is such a movie it makes everyone act
And may she be a big hit
And success keeps her life intact
May she have a smile?
Not just for some moments but every while
This is just another wish, my dear friend
From the tiny heart of mine, I had some words lend
And here is the wish I just send



31 Aug

Unknown is my destiny and so is my path
Unknown is where I walk smile and wrath

But each step I take and every while
I know for sure, I want to see your smile

Coz that makes me take the next one
so to relish a moment of my life
and then I need another one
to relish that each step is worth in strife

But, then a thought struck,
a painful one to convey
to miss u a day, would such be my luck
I wish not, I dearly pray

Coz that would be the day where I would end
in tears and walk with you to heaven

M (1931) – GERMAN

31 Aug

It was great then, but is it so now? I really doubt

Sure it had one of the finest acting in the climax, but 80 years later and having seen many movies that had superb acting in climaxes like Few Good Men being one, this falls short. Also, it comes as a tad silly than what it truly was, like a Monster being searched extraneously and at the end is found out by a girl and is marked M on his shirt which he cannot rub and erase. Oh, this one thing bothered me a lot. Also, at the end when this man is supposed to be brutally punished for what he has done, he brings up a case of his own that he too deserves a chance. Fine then, what was the whole point of the film is what I had thought.

Intriguing with suspense as to what is going to happen for the first half, it falls flat as per the expectations the film arose in me. Oh, he even hides in a place where he is very easily caught. Damn, was it for this man that the whole of police found, it’s like making mockery of police searches which was an innovative thing as long as in 30’s.

Fritz Lang who was than considered a great director if had seen the film now, would not have liked it as it is too very obvious at many places. He did a good job just to throw it off at the end is what I firmly believe. Yet, this a good film for what it does is make us sit and watch with a hope that something great or something gruesome is going to happen. Nothing of that sort though happens but we are relived by superb acting and great production design and oh, yes good music that for a film in 1930’s is a great sign.

Its is by no means bad, yet it does not become a great film as per me. It is just average as it did not reach what I have really expected it to be. A 2/5 for a movie by Lang that is more or less social message oriented and is filled with suspense that rises to a peak just to fall flat later.

दिल टूट गया

29 Aug
हज़ारों सपने देखा था पर एक भी सच हुआ नही
और आज उम्मीद टूट गया
बज़ारों में खूब घूमा दिल बेहलाने को
आज जाना मेरा दिल टूट गया

चाहने की गुनाह

28 Aug
तेरी पलकों की पनाह में चुप जायेंगे

हर जगह तेरी दस्तक सा छप जायेंगे
फिर भी तेरी दिल में प्यार न जगे
तो तुझे चाहने की गुनाह में मिट जायेंगे

मिटाने की तय्यारी

28 Aug

रंग रलियाँ खूब सजाई तुमने यारी में
सूखे अखियों को गीला किया तेरी पिचकारी ने
आसमान गवाह है हमारी वफ़ा का
ज़मीन मिट गया नशा ऐ अदाकारी में
कोई और जानता भी नही कितना टूटते है तेरी सोच में
अब तो हूँ ख़ुद को मिटाने की तय्यारी में


28 Aug
देने की फरमाइश की आपने,
हमने दिल ओ जान दे गये
मरगये आपके खातिर,
पर आपने रुसवाई का इनाम दे गये