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31 Jul

आपकी इन्तेज़ार में बहुत पल बरबाद किया
न जाने कितने बार आपको याद किया
फिर भी आप आये नही
छोड़ कर आस मैंने ज़िन्दगी बरबाद किया

मेहफूज़ है क्या?

31 Jul

मेरा प्यार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
मुझपे ऐतबार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
इन्तेज़ार जो करती थी कभी
वो इन्तेज़ार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
मैंने आपके दिल पे राज किया था
वो राज का ताज मेहफूज़ है क्या?
बार बार करता जो तंग था,
वो तंग का संग मेहफूज़ है क्या?
आता नही मुझे, इस से ज्यादा पूछना
खैर, आप मेहफूज़ है क्या?


31 Jul
The sun has begun to set and here is a barren silhouette, Taken at Palolem Beach, GOA, INDIA.


31 Jul
Its refreshing in some ways and preachy in many but makes its point.
I liked it, for one reason, that is Rajendra Prasad, the man who is now pioneering message oriented films and once was an epitome of comedy hero is undoubtedly superb in his performance. 
The story is of a village and how it was and how it is today, it was great and colourful and comprised of unbelivably good people, maybe thats how they were in 70’s and 80’s. And now, we have people who are corrupt, greedy and yes unwilling to be at home but rather stay away from homes and homeland for their own reasons. Too many things are actually put in in what would have better if there are subtleties and niceties rather than heavy dosage of lectures or classes. It runs through the first hour in a village that  is colourful, cheerful and so happening where each one helps each other, festivals are celebrated collectively and every joy others is made their own. Narayanarao (Rajendra Prasad) brings his own subtleties and like looking at the comb to which her wife’s hair is struck and remembering her when she is away, sure though they seem so fabricated, they went well with the mood as I watched it. 
It gave me memories of Swades which was superbly made and in comparison, though is just 2 hours it seems longer and by the end actually too over the board, yet there a few things we ought to know and we are still missing to learn them as we grow. I can relate to a few feelings of Narayanarao though as I had been abroad and was eager to be back home.   
Casting is simply not good and art direction is OK OK. Cinematography is sure appreciable but it could have been better. Acting of most is just there while Rajendra Prasad gave something to look forward to in his role as Narayanarao.  Editing could have been done well, at least songs could have been cut and a few scenes I felt, are they just there to convey a message. Like a water supplying boy decides not to supply mineral water any more just after a few words by our protagonist Narayanarao. Oh, can’t this be cut. Anyways, I gave in to most of such things which actually I thought was necessary to a generation that thrives on un natural means from water to food to air. Overall, the screenplay is well written and a few dialogues have touched a chord like “Magaallu Meesalluna Chinna pillalu” (men are kids with moustache). Now, all together the direction seems so much like a lecture being told than a film being watched. 
I would go with an average 2/5 rating for a movie that surely has a point but alas it actually has too many points told in high pitch that after a point it seems like noise being made out of musical instruments. May be this generation does not the nice attitude to appreciate such lectures and since I am one among the new, I did not like it. Yet, go and watch Swades 10 times and you would love it than watching this once.
Surely, in a Telugu film industry that is deprived of some native films and where concepts are borrowed from either hollywood or bollywood, this is a refreshing film and I wish that Narayanarao truly did something active than passing passive dialogues. Good attempt Kranti Madhav, just that you can do much better if you are not so possessive of educating the audience at least like me.


30 Jul
There is a joy expressed in the leaves as they raise high into those dark clouds. Taken at Sinhgad, Pune, Maharashtra.


28 Jul
Boy- Girl, Meet-Part and boy meets another girl.
I wrote a poem that says Boy- Girl, Meet-Part  where the end is not so happy, yet thats how life is for a few. The movie is a typical love story but with a better camera work and nicely written screenplay.

How many times have we seen a boy meets girl and then they walk off just to realise their mistake and meet at the end, this one is typically like that and if you are really interested to know what the end then watch this. I would have liked it if it’s more fluid more natural than being fabricated so much. 

It’s woven as a nice fabric with some good camera work, nice production values and just the right performances and yes a non linear screenplay. Yes, its packaged superbly but what its lacks within is a soul or a heart of itself, Marc Webb seems to be a great publicist but is surely not a great director.

Performances are apt and though Summer Finn played by Zoeey Deschanel seems gorgeous as the blue-eyed girl she finally wears out on emotions and can walk and be beautiful but don’t expect much from her in this film. Joseph Gordon Levitt shines as Thomas Hanson and surely has a good emotive skills and also a great screen presence. Others were fine in their parts.

But what I felt by the end of it all was this surely has a better treatment than most of the recent romantic movies but it does not have a freshness though. It’s a likeable movie for sure and not loveable as per me. I would better sit through a Before Sunrise or Harry Met Sally than this one. 

As per me, it stands average as 2/5 for its just predictable and that means its fabricated that things happen as we would thought them to be. Even at the end when there is a realisation which was not actually the whole of the point but only a hint, that life goes on in coincidences seemed rather unnecessary and though the movie is named Summer which can be attributed to both, the season and the character Summer Finn, its neither hot nor warm and at least is not even dramatic enough to move. 


28 Jul

She needs a boy, he needs a girl
To make a nice toy, in their own world
She met him, he met her
The saw just each other
Everything else went blur
And nothing seemed to bother
I saw them share sweet smiles,
And feed each other in lovely looks
Wished, like this they walk miles
Wanted them to be in romantic books
But fate had a different ploy
That it was not for long
That they were in joy
And in their parting, ended my song