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27 May

Gone is the song that was till now along
Coz we had to part and thus long
I am told, “it’s better to let go of the feeling”
That once, just for you I did belong

My embrace with the hearty hugs
My kisses from your lips fruity mugs
All went in vain as you had left
In tears I am, as all else is theft

I cried when others woke or slept
Feeling you close, your touch soft and deft
Now for your presence, I just wait
Wondering about you and my fate

When shall I again get to embrace?
And in kisses when I would praise
When shall my love, would I die?
And get to the place, where in peace you lie


27 May
Taken at Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA while on return from Beach, the sky was beautiful that day. 


26 May
“Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me aren’t you?” Isn’t this a cliched dialogue. Yes it is very cliched but not in the context of movie, where it seems apt and fluid. 
It’s a great example how simple things can be made interesting. It’s the way we narrate a story makes it interesting and that’s what directors or few audience call it as TREATMENT. So watch this out for treatment more than anything else. In times such as 1967, where world was grooving in Hippies and Rock music began with Beatles and few other bands, comes this satirical movie that questions the society. This movie has no dope, no rock music and no hippie stuff. It’s about a mundane boy and his teenage thoughts. He is apprehensive about sleeping with a woman much elder to his age and yet falls into the temptation of her. Now, the point is he has to marry her daughter and make her fall in love for him. So that’s where the movie is going to go.
Is it right to fall into temptations and also fall into love with a daughter of the temptation? Ah, unacceptable still for those tradition lovers but again the context has been put so finely well that rather than questioning more, it’s better to give in to the character’s state of thinking at that time. 
Yet, this is not a perennially contemporary that will be embraced at any time you watch it. In 1967 people would have loved it as they are watching such a taboo issue being dealt for first time. In 2012 that is 45 years later, many would have seen such movies or such issues being held in a much more interesting way. At least no this this cliched. There is a subtext to the character and a relevance of simplicity and that’s why I liked it. 
The costumes just complement the vision and so is an emphatic sound design and oh, did I miss the music by Simon and Garfunkel that is apt and perfect and has a character to it, when the song Mrs. Robinson comes up. The performances are fine and Dustin Hoffman as Graduate plays it supremely well. All said and above is the writing that makes it a story worth watching and being compelled to. 
I liked it for most part except a silly ending of running away, yet there is an inherent meaning to it conveyed only in expressions. I would with 3/5 that is so very important and is yet a taboo is our society. Not sure, how may may like it as it is, yet I liked it.


26 May
दस्तूर येह रहा अब तक कि जिसे भी मैंने चाहा वो दूर हो रहा
कसूर क्या है मेरा कोई तो बताये क्या ज़ुल्म मैंने किया
ज़ालिम है मेरा तकदीर जो मेरी हर चाहत को दूर कर रहा
मुक़द्दर क्यूं है ऐसा, मेरे छूने पर हर कली को पत्थर बना रहा
कोई तो अभी आकर बदले इस दस्तूर को
दुआ इतनी है कि कोई आकर बदले इस तकदीर को

गौर न कर

25 May
लिखी लिखाई पे गौर न कर 
लफ़्ज़ों के मतलब पे गौर न कर 

हाल-ए-दिल कुछ यु है तड़पती हुई 
आसुओं की नमी पे गौर न कर 

गाल नाम है, भीगे होठ भी 
इस गीलापन का कभी गौर न कर 

सुख, चैन खो कर रात भर जो रोया 
रोने की वजह का गौर न कर 

कर तो कर गौर-ए-मोहब्बत का 
वरना ज़िन्दगी या मौत का गौर न कर

इश्क मैं

25 May
इश्क मैं खिला हूँ, इश्क मैं पला हूँ 
ढल जाऊंगा तो भी इश्क मैं 
ज़िन्दगी के नकाब उतारा और सजाये भी इश्क मैं 
जितने मिले ग़म, हम हस्ते सहे 
क्या करे जब इश्क ही इश्क है मेरी हर अश्क मैं 


20 May
The SUN TEMPLE, KONARK, Orissa, INDIA. This photo is just a drop in that ocean that is intricately beautiful.