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29 Apr
Those slender arms I wish,
Shall hold me one day
Those fruity lips I hope,
Shall gift me a lifetime kiss
Those tranquil looks I want,
To bind me till death
In such dreams I do breathe,
You are living so beneath
My soul has been craven thus far
By a love thats serene as yours,
Hold me in your eyes and breath
We shall never part even by death


29 Apr
Into sleep you may slip

And in dreams you may think
That why didn’t I, in a flip
Steal a glance and signal a wink

But I wish, you do not squander
Chance this good with just winks,
Coz when your heart would sink
I am the only one it would think.


29 Apr

Popcorn and Mom corn, I am your baby corn
It has been a year since I was born
Gave you guys a big smile when I first cried
And from then on many things I tried
There are still many up my sleeve
That is to talk and have a run
While you chase me and have fun
Putting everything in mouth, sand to clay
Many games together, we shall play
So mom and pop, as I turn one
Beware of me, coz I am your son.


29 Apr

Blazing is the sun at a place
Gazing is the moon at another night
At noon while sun burns the face
At peace moon shall be at night
Waked in shine, towards sun’s shrine
Merrily merrily, as I was in prime
At night, I met some on the way
And each time, I let them have their say
Some men were yawning as they spoke
Some were at peace and some were broke
Yet I walked amidst their joy and wrath
Singing my song all along the path.


28 Apr
Made as a competently good biopic, the acting is well top notch is worth a watch just for Irfan Khan.
I have not heard of this man, till I knew of this movie, its good to know of such sportsman and sad to know the tragedy. The fate of the country is such that a national champion is forgotten but a dacoit is made news easily. This is an ironic story and is told really very well. Dialogues are written extremely well. The dialect is just great, It brings out rawness to character and a flavor of its own to the whole script. 
The cinematography is done well, and the director sure has an eye for detail the way he has shown a few things, like a steeplechase race, dacoit’s backdrop and the feuds in villages. Mind you this is a biopic and has to be handled in way to tell a real life character, there is no much added drama, at few places, it might have fallen bland too of course life is not so very interesting all times either. But all are pu together effectively to bring out a story that has a heart. We may not be in favor of Paan Singh by the end for what he has done, but fir sure he shall live on in the minds long after the movie is over.
Watch it for Dialect/Dialogues and yes for Irfan Khan who may be sweeping many best actor awards for reprising this role and living it in a way thats so tough to do in terms of controlling emotions and thus exhibiting them at rare times.
Liked it and I recommend such biopics be watched to know India and its diversity in a better way too. 
My rating is 4/5 for a movie that has been dared to be made and executed really well.


22 Apr
The lighting scheme and art direction are just top of the world in this film. The cinematography is apt and so are other departments but the way the light is used has to be well appreciated.
It’s a period film on an illusionist and his love story and is brought out compellingly as any good writer director does. But what’s interesting is the point of view. All the while when we presume that it’s based on what the illusionist percieves, it’s also what people around him think. Acting by Edward Norton as Illusionist is worth a mention. This is a great story interlaced with a good screenplay combined with fine acting and setup exquisitely beautiful. So we have a winner as a film aficionados and I loved this for all this.
The climax where he brings back his own past, did mesmerize me just as it did to all the audience withing the film. Yes, he performs shows and shows illusions, some are just unbelievable. It is engrossing for sure but has a few lapses with long scenes like the one where the illusionist is grilled. 
All said and done, I recommend this movie for those who want a fantasy film that has mysticism embedded just to enthrall us to a very good amount of time. I will got with 4/5 for this one.


22 Apr

A story of namesakes, build with lies and ends somewhat seriously.
Its funny in many places, and characterization is good specifically of Anand. Based on Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, the movie is well adapted to the nativity of Telugu people. Comedy is what the genre of film is, but dramatic is it’s ending, which may be debated over. But till a good point, the film goes well. 
Acting is good for a rare time in Telugu Film, where all actors have done well. This appreciation would go to Director, Mohan Indraganti who has extracted good acting from novice actors. All said and above, he must also be appreciated for the writing of dialogues. Also, To Srinivas Avasarala who has improvised in many places, especially the way he calls out others names. 
Life is simple if taken simply, but can be chaotic because of self obessions, Mahesh, famed actor Mahesh Babu is an obsession for Lavanya and so is his name, the film revolves just about that idea. 
It ain’t as engaging or too very engrossing but yet a good fun watch, which may bring laughter back. I did watch it alone and was laughing for most of the time. Thanks for giving us a little treat in a place, where films are rotten with undue comedy. 
A 3/5 and I say, it’s a good movie.