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25 Dec
A bench infront of my room in Tampa, Florida, USA. Loved the variations of green and water ripples.



25 Dec
One of the best trips and one of the earliest trips too in the most funniest vehicles.
Oh yes, this my most recent film and the second earliest film, I have seen (earliest being 1921 Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’). It has a whole range of vehicles from a cart, a cycle, a train, a donkey and a glimpse of Rocket prototype, all are too very funny to notice and our hero John Mckay (Buster Keaton) is even funnier. He is the shortest male character who runs and runs from the villains. 
This is not contemporary 1923 film but is set in 1830’s and that in itself brought out a humorous production design and art director must have been laughing when did a cycle or a train design.
Everything is out and out funny and the moments just keep coming. His genius is written in most of scenes if not all. When vilains are searching for him, a waterfall saves him wow, can something be more creative than that to cover him. 
Buster Keaton has an originality that is very pristine that even Chaplin and Welles adored him for the way he carried out a film. That is very well shown in this film, selecting the time period make things look funny intentionally and the characters are so very stereotypical, we will not have sympathy but we will have a word that says, “let him have it”. The one scene rather frame in which he expresses love to the heroine is enough to know how funny he was. 
Keaton stunts, I must mention are tough for in those days there was noting at hand except physical body which took a lot of strain and he did them all effortlessly (at least that is how it seems) and with a lot of courage, kudos to him in all terms. 
This film was remade as “Maryada Ramanna” in telugu which was a very disappointing and serious take for a film that is extremely funny.
All salutations to Buster Keaton.
For this, it’s 4/5. Please watch if you haven’t coz it may be the funniest trips you have ever done on screen.
Oh no, there is “THE GENERAL” for me which I will review later.


25 Dec
Twilight, after sunset at Majorda Beach, Goa, India


24 Dec
Titles, money, gold!! Slaves are made out of these not free men.
A dialogue that relates to all living today who aspire for the afore mentioned three. We are made slaves and most are in fact leading a life of slavery under the veils of freedom.
A movie that is like a cliched warrior story if you have seen Benhur, Spartacus and one thats designed Barry Lyndon may not be a good watch but this rises with a Brave Heart, the script has got all in it to make it a perfect piece of cinema that compromises a little but nevertheless, breathes it’s heart out. It’s one heck of war and period film that I would rate as a must see for costume designers, for art directors and for cinematographers who aspire to make a period film. And for all others, its a story that is of inspiration that’s made with a courage.
To attempt to see such a long film in itself these days is an act of bravery I must say, coz we are men who don’t have patience and who want everything steadfast. But all accolades to Mel Gibson who in nearly 3 hours has shown his passion and exemplified by showing glory. 
The Battle of Stirlington, or aWar of Filkark, those are war pieces that will stand the test of time in cinema history and may be regardes as a finest depiction of the gore the pain that war is. 
Acted supremely well by all,  this is easily one of the best textbooks of showing controlled emotion just with eyes at times. The music supplements the emotion and thanks to James Horner for the music that he gave. I have this movie in my OST collection too. 
Few scenes like the affair between Wallace and Isabella or the king throwing off Phillip may have been cut and even the length may not make everyone its admirer so a tad short and this will be easily watchable by many more is what I believe. But still,  a greatly made movie in all its near three hours running time. 
My rating is 4/5. Blu ray just made this one so better to see. Thanks to the transformation too.


24 Dec
Morning rays in a forest in Karnataka, India


23 Dec
The nuances I embrace on her thought
Shall be sheer joy in her presence
The cheers I relish in her sought
Shall be mere pain in her absence

I need her to be in me 
Even though she is far away
So I can be what I want to be
To sing her songs, in her love I sway

In her dreams, wish I shall fade
Before I do, in her loss
In her thoughts, wish I shall be
When I shall happily pass away


22 Dec
Cascade is what we try to do 
Escape, is what we end up with
Reveal, is what we cannot do
Steal, is what we wind up with

Stray into delusions we tend to
Stay in focus is what we pretend to
Right is what we all want 
Might is what we intend to 

To walk into life as an unknown
And then explore the mysteries
Is a quality that is seldom shown
By those, who shall be part of histories

To act, is what we shall not heed
To stay and relish is what we just need
To lead, there are very few
To follow, there is a huge breed