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26 Sep
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24 Sep
And truly, shit happened.
What is delhi belly? Its about having bad belly in Delhi. It’s as simple as that. I could decipher in 5 minutes what was happening, I surely right in the first frame that it was about the package and then how could they get it was the rest of the movie, but hey did they get it, watch the movie please. It’s all fin filled and neatly embedded some may say, but for me it was more forced coincidences and puerile humour. Yes, we call each of our friends with the F word, but that does not mean it has to be a language of the movie. Also, the hinglish version uses bad words for every reason it has. I am Okay with this, but what was the point all this movie was about is what it makes predictable.
Tale written well but surely not told efficiently as per me. It just had 90 minutes and with the unnecessary flips like Arup’s girl friend and his imagination, Niitn’s sting stint for his owner were ot so much needed and the plot would have better focused with the goons and the mischief. If a movie is trying to be cool, then it is very un cool and this movie tries very hard to be. I was reminiscent of Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels and even and old hindi movie like Ek Se Badhkar Ek. Of course many crime comedy movies have been made and for sure this has a very realistic appeal and feel, thanks to cinematographer and the art director to have created that. 
Acting if any was done by Vijay Raaz and he stood out while others just chipped in. No special mention for other actors is needed and the one line everyone did their piece aptly should suffice. Music, was good and for me I was happy that this not include much of music and all it had was pieces. 
A good one to many and an instant cult film to many more, but for me it was just another movie that was spun out of the mill that surely gave many memorable movies. It was average and it’s not as fluid as so many have claimed, it tries hard by digressing but it’s just an attempt thus far. For me it’s 2/5. (I would be the first one to criticize this movie may be, but I am just being honest with myself).


24 Sep
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24 Sep
Never waited so much for a movie ticket ever. I waited for nearly 2 hours at Sridevi theatre and finally was given the entry to the movie. Thanks to my friend Rajender for ensuring that we had a watch on the first day of release.
A good commercial entertainer that could have been a bit shorter.
A very well acted movie by Mahesh Babu and the credit of using him the right way goes to Srinu Vaitla, the director of the movie. The story though does not have novelty as I take it as an amalgamation of Pokiri (Mahesh’s earlier movie) and Goodbye Lenin  and even a tinge of character was taken from Khaleja (Mahesh’s previous movie), it was well combined to make a pot boiler that is entertaining thoroughly.
The movie brings out many layers of Mahesh, starting with comedy and ending with emotion he has done action, emotion and comedy very well and I sincerely believe that he is the finest actors that we have around today and should he stick to Commercial cinema, I would embrace every such movie. Please do not make art movies with him and corrupt him, let him be as he is and he is the best certainly. 
Technically, I loved the background music and the re recording work done by Thaman, though I could not appreciate the cinematography much as in few frames, the head or hair was cut and while few frames just seemed to capture dialogues blandly. Of course, direction was top notch but editing wise, 2 songs could have been cut. Also, the stunts should have been a tad short as they are actually pretty long.
Overall, I would say this , in India and specifically in Andhra Pradesh or Tamilnadu, movies are heavens and the film stars are demi gods and everyone, from a rickshaw puller to a CEO of a company go to watch a movie with similar mindset that is to have fun and forget everything else. This movie, sure made me forget everything else and just made me laugh with it’s comedy.
Just liked it, and would watch it again for Mahesh Babu. It’s a 3/5 for me. The movie could have been better with a better scissor of the editor.


20 Sep
I watched two movies 1) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 2) The Bucket List.
Both had many things in common and the message was similar just the context was different.

“Live your life now, we never know when we shall end” and I strongly believe in this and though I had discussed and made up my mind to do things right away or at least as soon as possible. I would go with this list. You can call it my Bucket List, the list I ought to complete before I Kick the Bucket. and believe me this would mostly comprise of travel and 5 years later I would revise it.

1) A trek to Machu Piccchu
2) A trek to Kailash Mansarovar
3) A visit to Paris and a night in a hotel nearest to Eiffel Tower.
4) A visit to Taj Mahal on a full moon night and see it glow under the moon.
5) An African Safari where I will see the Lions and Tigers wander near by my vehicle
6) Learn Swimming and do a scuba dive. You know what, I am very apprehnesive of water and that’s a fear I need to come out of.
7) Visit to Spain and a road trip to many places. Go Barcelona and watch a football match there.
8) Visit to Brazil’s carnival.
9) Visit to New Zealand’s North Islands.
10) Visit to Germany and Greece. Germany for witnessing and being the epicenter for whole of the last century and Greece for it’s mythology and the architecture and sculptures that it has.

So done with travel. Now my personal plans.

1) Have a 500 square yard plot (not more, not less) and within that have a wonderful study room and room to watch movies. That is either have a Bose TV or a wonderful projection system which ever is convenient. Dont worry about the kitchen and bed room as taking care of study and the TV room.
2) Have a lush green lawn and a small swimming pool within the plot.
3) Buy a small convenient car that can take you to a good place if you want to just leave home.
4) Marry a girl who will vow to two things a) It will be very strict register marriage with no invitees.     b) Children shall not be born and shall be adopted. (if she is OK with just one girl but adoption is a must).

And now here come my professional plans.

1) Complete and get out BABU KOSAM asap – target date for now October 9th.
2) Take up the next script and do it by end of next year.
3) Take up either of the remaining 3 scripts and then do it.
4) Finish the pending stories I have.
5) Post first feature film, get the poems published.

Many more things to do and many more things to write. I know only one job and that is to write. Good or Bad, I ain’t gonna judge, I just shall keep on writing.


20 Sep
Death can be hopeful if thought in the right way.
I liked this movie but could not fall in love with it. It’s very well made and exquisitely shot and the characters have all the right notes to make you empathize for them. Yet, this film has the missing element the soul of a movie comes not by good dialogues or relatable characters or even great cinematography, it comes when you start rooting for a character. When you think that Carter Chambers would return from the operation when you think that edward Cole would complete the rest of the journey. My heart did not go out for either coz it was all very predictable. A bit of unpredictability would have made this go hay wire and too much of it right from first frame made me just a spectator to an event rather than making me involve. 
The two protagonists touch all the right chords at the right time when they just realize that end is all pervading death and there is no escape. But they loose when they start to plot for each other like Edward Cole sets up a girl for Carter and Carter wants Edward to get back in touch with his daughter. These points digressed the movie and though it made the movie realistic, I must confess they just made the movie miss the point. The point is to get things done which a man wants to do before he ends his life.
It’s surely a good one to watch and if there is movie that had an urgent message which says “There’s no time left out, just do in this life” and that has been made in last 5-10 years then here it is. I am going with 3/5 for a movie that had all the good things in the bucket but the list should have been completed before the end.


20 Sep
Originally written – February 10 2010
Now, for the first time I will preach (were my other blogs doing something else?). Preach something that I do in spirit(all preachings need not be followed by the preacher either) .
All I am going to say to you guys (hey, whom am I addressing to, there are no readers to this crap I write each time) is just have a happiness point and do strive to reach that each day. 

What’s this happiness point? It’s something that you do and derive happiness as a result. I derive happiness in writing (how much crap it may be) so I just keep doing that as many times as possible coz the process of writing gives me happiness.  

Similarly, you choose what you like to do and just do it. This may not be a same task, I just don’t write all through the day at one point I love taking photographs, at another I love 
listening to music and so on and so forth. So just have something to do that you love and just have a smile and do. Have a fetish towards something and just go for it.

Remember, just see thatyou don’t loose that smile ever. Coz a smile can light up more than your life (oh, what a thought Aristotle would frown, should he listen).
Anyways, I am done with my crap again and just posted it cause I did not blog much recently and just wanna keep what’s going in my dirty dirty mind that has sick and filthy thoughts but churns out and throws these crappy pathetic things knowing many may say it’s not even 
worth a read.